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Hair Colour Care Tips

Some tips and advice to make your hair colour last longer

Hair Colour Care Tips

Here are some tips to make your Stargazer hair dye last a little longer, giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful hair.


1. Wash hair with cold water

This is one of the most important tips. Go as cold as you bear. You can use cold or lukewarm water. Warm water opens the hair cuticles allowing the dye to be washed away.

2. Wash your hair less

The hair dye is designed to be removed by washing it away. If you increase the time between washes, the hair dye will fade at a slower rate. For example, if instead of washing your hair every day you changed to washing every 3 days, it is possible to triple the time the colour lasts.

3. Use specific colour-preserving shampoos and conditioners

Using colour-preserving shampoos and conditioners can help wash less colour away each time you wash your hair. These shampoos have been designed to be more gentle on your hair colour.

7. Heat can fade your colour

When styling your hair be mindful that the high heat can face away the colour. So try and use a lower heat setting.

8. Other things that can fade your colour

The UV rays from sunlight can fade the colour of the dye. You can protect yourself from the sun with a hat or cap. Don’t completely dodge the sun as it's great for Vitamin D and a good mood.

The chlorine in swimming pools can either fade or even change the colour of your hair. Some pigments might fade quicker than others when in contact with the chlorine resulting in a change of hair colour. Wear a swimming cap or stay above the pool water.