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Not tested on animals

Not Tested On Animals

Made in the UK

Made In The UK

Achieve a stunning bronzed glow with our Silky Smooth Bronzer. Formulated to enhance your skin tone, this bronzer provides a healthy, natural-looking tan all year round. Whether you want to accentuate or strengthen a tan, the smooth formula ensures an even application across all skin types, delivering a sheer, natural colour. Made in the UK, this bronzer is perfect for adding a radiant touch to your complexion, giving you a sun-kissed look whenever you desire.


  • Glistening Bronzed Glow: Enhances your skin tone for a radiant, sun-kissed appearance.
  • Natural-Looking Tan: Provides a healthy, natural-looking tan all year round.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for accentuating or strengthening an existing tan.
  • Even Application: Smooth formula ensures a flawless, even finish on all skin types.
Bronzer - Stargazer
Bronzer Sale price£5.00