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Hair colour application guide

Helping you get your perfect hair colour

Hair colour application guide

1 Wash your hair.

Wash your hair with a shampoo that is free from conditioner or oils. Then towel dry your hair, so it is still damp for applying the hair colour.

2 Preparing for dying your hair.

The hair colour is very strong and will dye furnishings and clothes. So, its best to be ready before opening the hair colour bottle. Firstly, prepare the area you will be working in. Use newspaper, plastic sheets, or old towels to cover the floor and the surface you are working on.

Wear clothes you do not mind getting stained and cover yourself with something like a towel or optimally a hairdresser’s cover.

It is advised to take a small skin test to see if you are not going to react to the hair colour.

3 Do a strand test to test the colour.

To make sure the colour will come out as you require it's best to test a small section of hidden hair. Apply the colour to a small 1-2 cm section making sure you do not stain more of your hair. You can use aluminium foil to keep this section separated from the rest of the hair while you wait for 15 minutes it to colour the hair.

Once the time is up you can rinse the colour out and inspect the result to see if you want to then cover your desired area.

4 Applying the colour.

To ensure you cover all the hair split your hair into sections. You can use clips to help show hair underneath that has not been yet coloured. Using the gloves included in the box apply the colour, starting at the roots and working your way out to the tips with your fingers. You can also use a tint brush if you find this easier. It would be easier to apply the colour to smaller widths of hair ensuring that all your hair is covered.

5 Wait for the colour to work.

You must wait for the hair colour to get into the hair structure. The Stargazer colour takes between 15-30 minutes to take.

6 Rinse thoroughly.

Rinse the colour out of your hair ensuring you do it away from your face and body. The colour can still stain the skin. Rinse until the water is clear.

7 Dry and style.

You are done and you are free to style your amazing hair as you wish.