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About Us

Vibrant Hair colour, Vibrant makeup, Unusual, Cruelty free and made with love in the UK.

colour outside the lines

Formed in London


Stargazer was established in 1979 with the opening of a stall in the Great Gear Market on the Kings Road London (photographed here). Kings Road was the centre of the punk fashion in London at the time, and it was this attitude towards colour and outrage that moulded many of the company’s ideas behind the ranges we produce

Started Manufacturing Hair Dye


We started manufactuting our popular Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Full Manufacturing


We set up our sister company Star-Colour Laboratories in Cambridge, in the UK, to manufacture our cosmetics and hair dyes from raw materials.


After 40 years we decided to rebrand our Logo. We wanted a new look for the next 40 years.

Everyone can play

Be individual, stand out and have fun with your look. We think its important that everyone can afford to do so. That is why our prices are keen without sacrificing quality.

Stand out in the crowd

We leave everday cosmetics to everyone else. We realised we love making the cosmetics for people to have fun.

Made in the UK

We make as many items as we can ourselves, so you know it is made with care and quality

hair colour and makeup

We have a wide range of exciting products to cater for all your fashion needs.