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Flutter those Stargazer Eyelashes

stargazer lashes

Looking to add a little extra something to your eyelashes? Perhaps you want more volume or length or maybe you want something that is just a bit different. Make sure you can flutter those lashes with confidence this summer with a little help from Stargazer. Neon Mascara If you are looking for something to make


It’s all in the detail with Stargazer Eye Liner

eye liner

It’s amazing how much talent we see on Instagram. We are always delighted to see such talent when it involves Stargazer products. Lately there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Neon Eye Liner creations. In fact some of your most detailed work has featured such fine detail that we wonder how you do it! Neon


Cast your vote in our Neon vs Glitter competition

Neon vs glitter competition

It’s time to announce the short-listed entries in our Neon vs Glitter competition and for you to vote for your winner. Thanks so much to everyone that entered. As you can imagine it took the judges some time to reach a decision that they were all agreed on due to the number of fantastic, creative entries.


Shop the Look – Neon/UV Tribal Full Body Paint


In this week’s Shop the Look feature we take a look at what products are needed to achieve the wonderful Stargazer Neon/UV Tribal Full Body Paint. Whilst the majority of the look uses Neon Face and Body Paints. there are many more Stargazer Products used for the face, eyes and hair.   Neon Face and



PRIDE 2017

With annual Pride celebrations now well under way, events are taking place all across the globe from New York to Chicago, Madrid to Paris, London to Manchester and beyond. From the 24th June to the 9th July it’s set to be a period of celebration of the LGBT community with community organised events and marches


Shop the Look – Pink Neon Stardust

shop the look

Welcome to the first of our “Shop the Look” features featuring Pink Stardust by Heather Lines MUA. Many of you get in touch with us asking for specific details of products that our artists use to achieve a certain look, which is what gave us the inspiration for our new Shop the Look feature. First we