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Hair and Makeup Tutorials with Stargazer Videos

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Over the last two years we have produced some amazing videos, collaborating with some true talent. We have been really lucky to work with such talented artists that bring the Stargazer range to life. We were looking back through the videos and trying to choose our favourites but they are all so good it was


Fall in love with Stargazer this Valentine’s Day

valentines make up

It’s February 14th and that can only mean one thing… it’s Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate the occasion than by taking some Valentine’s eye makeup inspiration from our many talented followers? By the time you have finished reading this there will no doubt be a few more inspiring creations filling your social media


Accessorise Your Eye Liner

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If you love your make up then no doubt you have noticed the popular colourful eye liner trend that is filling our Instagram feeds. In fact, coloured eye liner is set to be big in 2018. Now as you know, we love our colour here at Stargazer, especially when it comes to eye liner. Whether


Give Yourself a Stargazer Spring Makeover

spring makeover

Spring is almost in the air so, as the tulips and daffodils start to emerge from the ground, what better time to re-visit our Spring Tulips video shoot and inspire you to create your own spring makeover? We absolutely love this video because it represents everything Stargazer is about. It’s bright, vibrant, colourful and there


Stargazer makeup hacks that will make life easier

winged liner

So much to do, so little time and we all need to look our best right? Well here are some makeup hacks to help save you time and make the most of your makeup routine. Use translucent powder to bake your makeup Once you have moisturised, primed, applied your concealer, foundation and contoured, then apply a


Somewhere over the Stargazer Rainbow

rainbow colours

We have often commented before that you can create the rainbow with Stargazer colours, especially our neon range. Well today was one of those days when we looked at our Instagram feed and it just happened to be lit up like a rainbow. The amount of rainbow hair and make up images that you have


Goth Glamour

Gothic glamour

While many of our followers share their images of neon rainbow looks, unicorns, mermaids, glitter sensations and other vibrant and colourful creations, there is a huge Stargazer goth following that produce some absolutely stunning dark and mysterious looks. Let’s take a look at how to add a little goth glamour with Stargazer: Unicorn Goth You


Stargazer’s Eye Make Up Inspiration

eye make up inspiration

Of all the looks that we see, eye make up looks are by far the most popular. Neon, Glitter, Winged Eye Liner, Glitter Liner, Chunky Glitter…… there are so many to share. Often we choose your favourite four or five to give you a little eye make up inspiration but we thought, given the amount


New year, New Nails. It’s Time to Stop Biting….


At the beginning of a new year, a popular resolution is to stop biting those nails so we thought we’d help you out with a bit of inspiration and give you some motivation to keep to that resolution. For those of you that already have lovely nails, these product insights may give you some creative ideas