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Nail Chroming Kit

Sale price£10.00
Color:Nail Chroming Kit - Extreme Chrome

Stargazer Chrome pigment is the closest you can get to a mirror chrome on your nails. You will be amazed with the reflective finish you can achieve. The 20 Micron sized powder particles ensures the mirror effect is fantastic. Don't be fooled by cheaper powders that are using standard cosmetic pigments or larger sized particles that do not give a good mirror finish. The polish is quite durable as it is set with a gel polish. The kit contains everything you need to achieve the mirror nails, the metallic pigment powder (2g), black base coat UV gel polish (7.3ml), disposable seal coat (7.3ml) and 2 brushes for application (except the Lamp to cure the polish). Application 1. File the nails to the desired shape, cleaning up the cuticles. The most common cause of lifting is cuticle left on the nails. 2. Polish the nails then clean the nails to a smooth finish. 3. Apply black base coat and cure under your UV/LED Lamp according to the lamp instructions. (Usually 90 seconds if 36w UV lamp, 30 seconds if 36w led lamp) 4. Apply non wipe top coat and cure as Instruction 3. 5. Apply the metallic pigment to the nail using the brush provided in a buffing motion to achieve the mirror effect. 6. Apply non wipe top coat and cure as instruction 3 7. Repeat step 5 and 6 if required another time. 8. Clean excess off the skin around the nails. Remove any sticky residue with at least 98% isopropyl alcohol. Removal Remove The gel polish as you would other gel polishes that are cured by UV or LED lamps.

Nail Chroming Kit - Stargazer
Nail Chroming Kit Sale price£10.00