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Glitter & Pearl Fixative Solution

Sale price£4.50
Not tested on animals

Not Tested On Animals

Vegan friendly

Vegan Friendly

Made in the UK

Made In The UK

Transform your makeup routine with our Vegan Colourless Mixing Medium & Glitter Glitter & Pearl Fixative Solutionn. This versatile, colourless liquid can be mixed with our eye dust pigment or any cosmetic pigments to create a spreadable formula, perfect for customising your look. Our glitter and pearl fixative solution ensures long-lasting hold, keeping your glitter makeup dazzling all day and night. Gentle on the skin and suitable for all glitter types, this fixative provides a reliable bond without irritation. Made in the UK, it's the ideal choice for adding a touch of glamour and ensuring your makeup stays in place.


  • Vegan & Colourless: Suitable for mixing with eye dust pigment or any cosmetic pigments.
  • Transformative Formula: Converts pigments into a spreadable, easy-to-apply formula.
  • Long-Lasting Hold: Ensures glitter makeup stays secure and dazzling.
  • Gentle on Skin: Provides a reliable bond without irritation, suitable for all skin types.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for all glitter types, enhancing any makeup look.
  • Made in the UK: High-quality product crafted in the United Kingdom.
Glitter & Pearl Fixative Solution - Stargazer
Glitter & Pearl Fixative Solution Sale price£4.50