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Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

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Brilliant hair dyes :) Review by Frankie
I highly recommend Stargazer hair dyes, very vibrant colours and easy to use. My favourite colour is Ultra Blue but doesn't last as long as some other colours, it steadily fades to a turquoise blue. The worst colour I tried was UV Green which washed out to yellow fairly quickly.
The best colour I've used was Magenta, I literally used 1 bottle of Magenta on my hair which is past shoulder length(usually use 3 bottles) and it still dyed all my hair and was very vibrant for ages! :) (Posted on 25/05/2018)
My favorite Review by Coco
I've been dying my hair at home for ages now. I bleach it myself, dye it myself. I've used the bright green in the past and am currently using Baby pink and have been in love with them both. The baby pink stays longer than other brands. It does dye much brighter than Baby pink and then fades into the color. I use a pink KeraColor conditioner to help retain it, and Dry shampoo so I dont have to wash it as often. (Posted on 17/04/2018)
Fabulous colour BUT........... Review by Charlotte
Usually use another brand but decided to try this. Colour is amazing, application simple and it goes a long way but the colour transfer is horrific 2 weeks on. When washing my hair the water runs pink as expected but dyes my skin resulting in me having to substitute shower gel for bleach! Can’t scratch my head because my hands turn pink. The back of the neck of my light coloured tops are all pink. Tried washing repeatedly to stop this but can’t. Will not be buying this again. (Posted on 20/12/2017)
Super satisfied ! Review by Steel Fox
I created a rainbow pikaboo effect with these colors !
Looks awesome ! I used them on white hair though, but they are quite good and don't damage the hair as much as other colors would.

You can check my video there : (Posted on 05/11/2017)
Almost invisible result, even on bleached hair Review by Piwi
I tried the Soft Cerise on bleached hair, and I barely got pale pink in some areas, while I let the product sit longer than required (around 50 minutes iso 15-30), I'm very disappointed and won't use this brand again (Posted on 31/10/2017)
White colour is perfect Review by Guillaume
I've never found better white than the stargazer one... I'm living in the UK and just ordered yesterday from the US, I received it in ONE day!!! Certainly the best and fastest delivery I had in my life! Thanks Stargazer, you are amazing! :) (Posted on 27/10/2017)
Fantastic colours! Review by Lcat
Super simple to use, and so kind to hair (and animals!) On prelightened hair, the magenta is scorchingly bright, and fades beautifully through washes - there are no bad hair days until you redye. Hugely recommend! P.S. - reading some of the reviews on here I feel I must point out that the colours will only be as vibrant on naturally fair or prelightened hair. And remember your colour rules - blue on yellow won't make blue, it'll make green! Some of us learned the hard way (me - wanted Sonic blue, got Incredible Hulk green!) (Posted on 21/07/2017)


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