Stargazer Sunset Gradient and Leopard Print Effect Hair Colour

Stargazer Sunset Gradient and Leopard Print Hair

Once again we have been busy producing another creative hair video tutorial featuring the talents of Re_Fab and her imaginative work with Stargazer Hair Colours. This time we went for something a little bit different and opted for a Sunset Gradient for the lengths of the hair with Leopard Print Effect on the shaved part of model Jodie’s head.

The four colours used were all from the Stargazer Semi Permanent Hair Dye range and included Violet, UV PInk, Dawn and Yellow. The colours were applied from dark to light on the lengths of the hair starting with violet at the roots followed by the pink, dawn and yellow colours. Each colour was combed into the next to create the gradient effect with the sections of hair being separated to stop the colours mixing together.

Once the lengths of the hair had developed it was time for the next step. To create the leopard print effect Re_Fab first drew the pattern she wanted to achieve on a piece of paper to ensure that she wasn’t going in blind on the model’s hair. She was then able to re-create her design using the dyes and painting the pattern on to the hair leaving the colour to develop for the advised time.

Re_Fab then dried and styled the hair using Stargazer Hold and Shine Hair Wax to keep the curls in place for the rest of the day.

If you would like to re-create this or any other Stargazer Semi Permanent hair dye creation, we recommend always carrying out a patch test 48 hours in advance and please make sure that you follow the instructions.

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