Get the Glitz and Glamour look with Stargazer

glitz and glamour

In order for you to achieve your very own glitz and glamour Stargazer look, we share with you the products that you will need!


While we have many different types of Glitter shakers in all shapes and sizes the glitter used in this look in this video is the gorgeous Silver Glitter shaker from our early range. You can find it by clicking “buy now” below. You will see that while Silver Glitter features around the eyes, other colours were used to add effect to the eyebrows and fingers.

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One Wash Colour Hair Spray

One Wash Colour Spray takes your hair from it’s every day colour to bright and vibrant awesomeness! Simply spray on and wash out. It really couldn’t be easier. We do recommend washing it out before you go to bed though!

one wash colour spray

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Glitter Hair Spray

Once the model’s hair was sprayed blue, the glitter was added using Stargazer Glitter Spray. As you can see it was added to particular sections of the hair to give it that beautiful, glamorous glitter look.

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Glitter Lips

You have two choices with Stargazer. You can either apply loose glitter to the lips with Fix Gel or you can play it safer with our convenient Glitter Lipsticks. Simply pop it in your hand bag and top up through the night as required. Glitter Lipsticks are available in a number of colours to suit your look.

Glitter lipstick

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Be Noticed in Neon

You will notice that there are another two amazing looks that feature in the above video. One features similar products to the first look but in different colours and the other showcases our range of Neon/UV reactive products including the very popular Neon Liquid Eye Liners.

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Of course, there are so many more products that will help you to achieve a flawless base, gorgeous eyes, stunning hair and the perfect pout. Check out our entire range here.

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