It’s all in the detail with Stargazer Eye Liner

eye liner

It’s amazing how much talent we see on Instagram. We are always delighted to see such talent when it involves Stargazer products. Lately there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Neon Eye Liner creations. In fact some of your most detailed work has featured such fine detail that we wonder how you do it!

Neon Eye Liner is a popular choice

@chlooe_hearts has produced many wonderful looks using her collection of Neon Eye Liners. This is the latest featuring Yellow, Pink and Orange. It’s the way she manages to produce such a straight, clean line!

neon eye liner

How do you get so much fine detail in such a small area? This never ceases to amaze us. A steady hand and a good eye has to be the key. Add that to the fine brush of the Neon Liners and you can produce some beautiful results like this from @makeup_by_kim…..

Neon Eye Liner detail

……and this from @glitternlipstick  which features pretty much the whole range. We can definitely see a Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Orange in there.

Photo 14-07-2017, 07 14 27

UV Reactive Eye Liner

The Neon Eye Liners are also UV reactive. They look amazing under a UV black light as you can see here in this image from @teesfaces.

uv reactive

@shanmacmua uses Neon Pink to create the cat flick under the eye in this image. The detail is just superb! In fact the neon outlined by a white liner really accentuates the impact of the neon.

Photo 14-07-2017, 06 59 30

Treat yourself to your favourite colours

With a total of eight Neon colours to choose from, and at just £3.00 each, you can either treat yourself to just one or the whole collection, which won’t break the bank. Will it be Neon Magenta or perhaps Yellow and Green? The choice is yours. Please do share your creations with us. We love to see your pictures.

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