Stargazer Glitter just got Bigger!

Stargazer Chunky Glitter

The Easter weekend saw a large amount of fantastic content shared on our social media pages in particular our Instagram page. What really struck us though was just how many glitter images were shared!

Glitter brows, glitter tears, glitter cut creases…… it seems like you can’t get enough of the stuff with our new Chunky Glitter being the star attraction. In fact there were so many fantastic images we struggled to decide which ones to share so whilst here are a few, we highly recommend you check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for more.

Not one, but two Chunky Glitter looks from @manii_mua using two different colours of this super-sized new Stargazer Glitter.

Photo 18-04-2017, 08 16 18

Photo 18-04-2017, 08 14 12

@muasamanthaaa uses Stargazer Holo Glitter underneath the brow with Chunky Glitter under the eyes to create this masquerade mask-like look.

Photo 18-04-2017, 08 11 32

In this image from, Rebekah uses Gold Glitter Shaker and Chunky Glitter in Holograph.

Photo 18-04-2017, 14 12 13

Chunky Glitter Shakers in UV White and Holograph. were used on the inner corner of the eye and under the eye in this beautiful image from @lucywattsmua

Photo 17-04-2017, 12 48 41

We are absolutely delighted to see not only so much glitter but the fact that you are loving our new Chunky Glitter Shakers. The only problem you are going to have with so many Stargazer Glitters available is which ones to choose.

2 thoughts on “Stargazer Glitter just got Bigger!

  1. lizette

    Love u glitter range I am looking for neon or glow in dark makeup like mascare lipstick. Also hair dye non permanent. Do u have stock. Please let me know thanks

    1. Sheryl Post author

      Hi there Lizette – Yes we have lots of Neon / UV make up in our Neon range – simply search under our products and you will find them all. We also do a Semi Permanent Hair Dye – all are listed on our website under products. Many thanks and enjoy the products.


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