Create the Rainbow with Stargazer’s Semi Permanent Hair Dye range

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Pink, blue, silver, green, turquoise, yellow, red……….no it’s not the colours of the rainbow. In fact it’s much more than that. Our Semi Permanent Hair Dye Range is literally to dye for!

Time for a change? Do you fancy a new look? Well you really are spoilt for choice with our extensive range of hair colours. If you can’t make up your mind which colour to choose, and fancy getting really creative, then this Peacock inspired look features eight colours from the Stargazer Hair Dye range:

We regularly see your gorgeous creations on our Instagram feed. Let’s take a look at some of the latest:

Coral Blue Fringe

@mymakeupcaitlin uses Stargazer Coral Blue in the fringe to achieve this colourful two tone look. Remember, to get the best results from our Semi Permanent Hair Dye range you may need to pre-lighten your hair first.

coral blue fringe


Multi Pink Hair

For those of you who love your pink, we have so many different shades for you to choose from. This creation from @lainey_mccaff is a mixture of Stargazer pinks. If you fancy a change and pink is your chosen colour then check out our Magenta, Shocking Pink or UV Pink.

multi pink hair

Semi Permanent Silver Hair

If silver is your colour then our Stargazer Silver is perfect. Check out this look from @donatellamanciniparrucchieri which is just one of the many Stargazer looks featured on their feed.

silver semi permanent hair dye

Which blue is for you?

There are so many blues in the Stargazer range – Coral Blue, Soft Blue, Oceania, Azure Blue and more! Thanks to @brutalitees in New Zealand, that stock the range, for this image.

blue hair

The great news is that in the unlikely event you can’t find the colour you are looking for then you can simply mix colours together to achieve it. We have seen some fabulous creations from mixing two or more colours together. We strongly advise that you check out the 36 colours available first though – there is just so much to choose from.

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