Red Lips – a Popular Choice for 2018


With the American awards season in full swing, we love to see who was wearing what as they stepped out on to the red carpet. Our first taster of what to come was at the Golden Globes, the first event of the 2018 calendar. While smoky eyes and winged liner featured heavily it seemed that red lips were a popular choice with many A-list celebrities.

The reds featured heavily from crimson to softer more subtle shades. In addition to this there were mattes, gloss and satin hues. Well, if you want to create your very own red carpet look then look no further as we have everything you need for the perfect pout.

Whether you are looking for something subtle and demure or are going for all out glitz and glamour here are your must-have products for creating beautiful red lips this season.

Matte Red Lips

For a lip smacking pout and a choice of red hues then our Matte Lipstick has a highly pigmented cream formula that won’t dry out your lips.

matte red lips

Matte Lipstick in a choice of reds

Kiss Proof Lips

Of course if you are going to go to all that effort for a hot date then you had better make sure it’s not going to smudge! Our Kiss Proof Pencils are an essential makeup product for every date!  They are available in a number of shades including a choice of reds.

kiss proof red lips

Kiss Proof Lips

kiss proof pencils

These handy makeup essentials come with their own sharpener

Semi Permanent Red Lips

Want a colour that lasts the whole evening? Well if you don’t want to be topping up your lipstick then our Semi Permanent Lip Stains are smudge proof, transfer proof and kiss proof!

semi permanent red lips

For a longer lasting look

And that’s not all – there are so many lip products in the Stargazer range in an extensive selection of colours. We recommend taking a look for yourself. There is so much choice you won’t struggle to find the perfect colour for you.


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