Pink Hair is here to stay

UV Pink Hair Colour and Glitter

Experts are calling it the hair colour that won’t go away. Even Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting a pink hair do of late. Her thing is to have dark roots whereas Rhianna has gone Bubblegum pink. Another popular choice seems to be magenta.

So many pinks to choose from

Well if it’s pink you’re after then we are happy to help from a range that has more choice than you could imagine. Whether you want to go a deep pink like Magenta or Fucshia or prefer something slightly more subtle like our UV or Baby Pink you won’t be disappointed with the Stargazer range of Semi Permanent Hair Dyes. Here are just a few examples of Instagram images that have been shared with us by those of you that have dyed your hair with a Stargazer pink colour recently:

Vibrant and lustrous pink hair

And while we are talking about pink hair who can forget this amazing video featuring Stargazer UV Pink? Sit back and remind yourselves of this amazing hair and glitter transformation or watch it for the very first time. It’s sure to inspire you or at least make you start to consider the possibilities of pink hair.

If you decide to go for it and make the transition this spring then we would love to see the results. Remember that most of our colours will only work on pre-lightened hair and to follow the instructions on the box for the best results. Please also be aware that all results will vary depending on the colour and porous nature of your hair. Don’t forget to tag us in your images for your chance to get a repost.



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