Five of your Popular Hair and Make Up FAQ’s

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We often get messages or comments asking us questions about the Stargazer hair and make up range and we try to answer every one individually. Let’s take a look at some of your more popular questions and their answers:

Is Stargazer glitter safe to use on eyes and lips?

Stargazer Glitter is cosmetic grade glitter which means that it is perfectly safe to use on eyes, face and lips. As with any make up you should avoid getting it into your eyes or ingesting it but it is safe to use. Apply with Fix Gel for best results and simply wash of as part of your normal make up removal routine.

Glitter for Autumn 2016

Are the Neon Liquid Eye Liners waterproof?

No, Neon Liquid Eye Liner is not waterproof. The good news is that it is smudge-proof, flake-proof and smear-proof though so will last the day or evening. Simply wash up or remove as part of your usual make up routine.

@heatherlinesmua with this amazing "Love is Love" post.

@heatherlinesmua with this amazing “Love is Love” post.

Will the hair colour work on darker hair?

Our hair colour is Semi Permanent and works like any other hair colour. If you try to apply Shocking Pink to dark hair you will not get the desired results. In order to get the hair colour you want to achieve, it is important to pre-lighten your hair with our Bleach and Peroxide Kit. You must follow the instructions and don’t bleach already lightened hair as this may cause a chemical burn.

Is the Neon make up UV reactive?

Another popular question which we covered in our most recent blog. Yes, our Neon make up reacts under UV lights to produce stunning results.

uv liquid eye liner

Do Stargazer ship hair and make up products to the US and other international destinations?

This is probably the message we receive the most. We do ship our products to most international destinations however there are some restrictions. Due to EU law we are unable to ship some products including Nail Polish and aerosols outside of the EU so if you are in America and looking to purchase either of these products then your order will be automatically rejected by the system. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery to most destinations.

If you have a question about any of our products then please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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