Get the professional look with these eye make up tips and tricks

Eye make up tips and tricks

From creating the perfect cat flick to making the colour of your eye shadow pop, we take a look at a few professional eye make up tricks of the trade.

Make your eye shadow pop!

If you want to really accentuate the colour on your eye lids simply use a white eye liner to colour in the lids before applying the eye shadow.

Stargazer Neon Eye Dust

Stellasabina_Artistry uses Stargazer Neon Purple and Pink Eye Dust to create this beautiful cut crease.

Create the perfect flick

This is a tricky one to master as many of us end up with wobbly lines and smudges, especially when using liquid eye liners. Use a business card placed beneath the eye so that you can draw a straight line where you want the flick to be. Alternatively you can start with a pencil liner and draw over it when you are happy.

Photo 08-05-2017, 22 55 46

Marion Cameleon shows us her talents and what she can create with the Neon Eye Liner range.

Make your own eye liners

If you want to experiment with a new colour you can actually make your own liner using your favourite eye shadow and an equal amount of water. Mix the two together to make a paste and then apply using a thin make up brush.

make up brushes

Stargazer have a range of individual brushes or you can buy as a set.

Make your eyes look bigger

Make your eyes look wider by applying white eye liner to the water line of your lower lid to open them up. We suggest using a pencil liner.

White eye liner

A white eye liner is a must have for every make up bag

Experiment with different colours and glitter

If you can master the cat flick but are tired of using the same products why not get creative and add some glitter or different colours and patterns?

glitter liner

Millie.x creates a beautiful cat flick using Stargazer Glitter.

As always you will find lots of inspiration on our social media pages, especially Instagram, and don’t forget to keep sharing your images with us.

Featured image from @sabrinasbeautyparadise and @_makeupbyindia

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