Colourful Make Up Looks Guaranteed to #benoticed!

neon eye make up

If there is one thing that we love it’s a look that is guaranteed to get you noticed. We see many striking and vibrant images across your Instagram feeds featuring colourful make up looks with eye popping colours. These powerful, bold images make many of you stop scrolling to find out what products were used.

Normally we share colourful make up looks that have various products in them – Glitter, Neon Liner or another of our fabulous ranges like our Hair Dye. Well, today we are focusing on just one product; our sensational Neon Eye Dust.

Only this morning we were asked if you can add water to the dust. Our answer was you don’t need to. These little pots of Neon Eye Dust, or pigments as they are also known, are so vibrant and so strong that a little goes a long way.

These little pots of vibrant colour are just £4.00 each and available in 8 different stunning colours. In addition to their neon effect they are also UV which means they react to UV light. Just one more reason why you need these in your life!

Neon Eye Dust in Eight Fabulous Colours

Honestly we could share at least a dozen looks featuring this fabulous product and the various colour variations. In fact, if we look back over the last few months we could find many more. Here are just a few that we have seen so far this year, some of them are so fresh the artists have barely had chance to post the looks.

In the Pink

pink neon colourful eye makeup

@buec is a popular make up artist on Instagram and it’s not hard to see why

Is Orange the New Black?

orange neon eye dust

This sensational look by @tralee.stack was very popular

Orange neon eye dust

Orange and pink are used to create this fabulous cut crease by @looksbyloz

Colourful Make Up Looks

While orange and pink seem to be very popular choices at the moment, we also see many other colours from across the range.

colourful make up

@ellieaddis experiments with a few different colours

yellow eye dust

@stellasabina_artistry uses yellow on the inner corner of the eye

If you haven’t already rushed to our website to order yourself at least one of these gorgeous colours what are you waiting for? Go on, treat yourself.


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