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UV Make Up

Recently we have shared lots of images with you featuring our Neon Make Up range. Marion Cameleon’s use of our Neon Liquid Eye Liners and Neon Eye Dust have brightened up our timelines as many of you become inspired to create your own looks.

Whilst you are loving the Neon looks we have had a few people asking if the products are UV reactive. Well guess what? They are! So much so that we decided to share some of your amazing UV make up creations so that you can see for yourself.

UV Eye Liners

Hot off the press comes this look from @pink_neon_demon which features our Neon Liquid Eye Liner Range. The liners are great for the finer details and patterns like these lines and dots.

UV Make up

If you take a look at the product labels you can see that they state they are UV reactive.

uv liquid eye liner

Neon by day, UV under reactive lights

UV Eye Dust

@makeup_girich_karina makes this Pink Neon Eye Dust work beautifully under UV reactive lights. Just look at the way that colour pops. If you are looking to achieve a stand out UV make up look then you definitely need these in your make up bag.

UV eye make up

neon eye dust

Gorgeous pots of Neon/UV colour to make your look pop

UV face and body paints

If you want to create a look with greater coverage then our UV Face and Body Paints are just what you need. This look was created for our UV Tribal Full Body Paint tutorial which can be viewed below!

uv body make up

A whole range of UV make up

In addition to these products we have UV Mascara, UV Hair Dye, UV Lipstick and even Hair Gel. In fact there is everything you need to create your very own creative UV look.

uv mascara IMG_2289

We love to see your creations so if you have any UV make up looks then be sure to share them with us on our social media pages.


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