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If you love your make up then no doubt you have noticed the popular colourful eye liner trend that is filling our Instagram feeds. In fact, coloured eye liner is set to be big in 2018. Now as you know, we love our colour here at Stargazer, especially when it comes to eye liner. Whether you like your colours bold and vibrant, or prefer slightly more subtle, we can safely say we have something for everyone. So for those of you who like to match your shoes with your outfit, now you can accessorise your eye liner.

Neon Eye Liner

There are no less than eight colours to choose from in the Neon Eye Liner range. That means you can select one to go with the outfit you are wearing or throw caution to the wind and wear them all at once. Rainbow Eye Liner is a regular feature on our Instagram feed. Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you:

neon liner

@doyouevenblend produces some fabulous creations using Neon Liner

rainbow eye liner

This gorgeous rainbow neon effect look from @marioncameleon inspired many subsequent looks

Glitter Eye Liner

Of course we do a Glitter Liquid Liner, we are Stargazer after all! You can choose from Gold, as shown here in this gorgeous image or Black, Blue and Pink. This is the perfect accessory to your make up on that glamorous night out.

glitter liner

We just love how @lealeaross produces such clean lines and gorgeous cut creases

Coloured Eye Liner

If you prefer something a little more subtle to neon, then our range of Coloured Liquid Liners may be just what you are looking for. There are some great colours to choose from including Pink, Blue and Violet as well as a White Liner as shown here in this image:

accessorise your eye liner

Blue Liquid Liner from @fuenteslegna


Seasonal looks

Of course, as well as matching your eye liner to your outfit, you can also match it to the occasion and with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, here is a very apt look featuring White Liquid Liner.

Photo 30-01-2018, 15 09 09

White liner is used to draw the hearts in this look from @makeupmeditate

If you have a favourite eye liner look or you already accessorise your eye liner, and would like to share your images, please post on Instagram and tag @stargazerproducts


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