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UV Pink Hair Colour and Glitter

Pink Hair is here to stay

Experts are calling it the hair colour that won’t go away. Even Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting a pink hair do of late. Her thing is to have dark roots whereas Rhianna has gone Bubblegum pink. Another popular choice seems to be magenta. So many pinks to choose from Well if it’s pink you’re

glitz and glamour

Get the Glitz and Glamour look with Stargazer

In order for you to achieve your very own glitz and glamour Stargazer look, we share with you the products that you will need! Glitter While we have many different types of Glitter shakers in all shapes and sizes the glitter used in this look in this video is the gorgeous Silver Glitter shaker from


Stargazer was made for costume makeup

We couldn’t overlook these artistic creations that have been shared with us in the last week or so. It just wouldn’t be right to let them go unnoticed. While there are a couple that would make amazing entries for our Halloween competitions it just proves that you don’t need an excuse to get creative with

neon eye makeup looks

The Best Neon Eye Makeup Looks of March

Every day we are tagged in so many wonderful images on Instagram. We sit back and look at them all in awe, sharing the ones that “stop the scroll” as we know they will inspire and help you get creative.  At the end of each month we take a look at the most popular ones.


Get 30% off EVERYTHING in the Stargazer Easter Sale

It’s Easter bank holiday weekend here in the UK and what better way to celebrate the four day holiday than with a sale? We are offering a whopping 30% discount off everything in the Stargazer range this Easter weekend only. That’s 30% off Glitter, 30% off Hair Colours and 30% off our entire Neon collection,


Stargazer teams up with M’era Luna Goth Festival

M’era Luna (ML) Goth Festival M’era Luna Festival is one of the largest Goth festivals in Europe and takes place in Hildesheim, Germany on August 13th and 14th. Some of this year’s headliners include Within Temptation, The Sisters of Mercy and In Extremo It’s just as much about the fashion as the music (incl. major fashion shows, huge fashion