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drag queen makeup

The Drag Queens that are lighting up our Instagram feed

If you want to learn how to apply makeup that looks like it was done by a professional then look no further than the talents of the many Drag Queens that grace our Instagram feed with such awesome creations. The eye for detail, commitment to their craft and boldness with trying new techniques means that quite often

gothic hair and makeup

Celebrating World Goth Day with Gothic Hair and Makeup

Today is World Goth Day so what better way to mark the occasion than with our very own Stargazer article dedicated to our Gothic hair and makeup following? In the last week alone we have seen some incredible Gothic themed hair and makeup images, featuring our products, from our many followers. So how can Stargazer help you

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5 Stargazer products that every Makeup Artist needs

Many of our followers are either well established or aspiring MUAs that like to have a variety of products in their makeup kits. At Stargazer we have everything you could possibly need including some things that you may not even know you need! We take a look at just a few of the products that

Eye make up tips and tricks

Get the professional look with these eye make up tips and tricks

From creating the perfect cat flick to making the colour of your eye shadow pop, we take a look at a few professional eye make up tricks of the trade. Make your eye shadow pop! If you want to really accentuate the colour on your eye lids simply use a white eye liner to colour

Natural Hair Colours

Get the natural look this Summer

Whilst we are well known for our Glitter, Neon Make Up and bright, vibrant Semi Permanent Hair Dye we appreciate that it’s not always for everyone. There are those of you that prefer a more natural look when it comes to all things hair and make up. We take a look at some of our more subtle


Stargazer teams up with M’era Luna Goth Festival

M’era Luna (ML) Goth Festival M’era Luna Festival is one of the largest Goth festivals in Europe and takes place in Hildesheim, Germany on August 13th and 14th. Some of this year’s headliners include Within Temptation, The Sisters of Mercy and In Extremo It’s just as much about the fashion as the music (incl. major fashion shows, huge fashion


Salon North in Manchester 18th – 19th September 2016

18th – 19th September 2016 Salon North. We will be exhibiting at the Salon North in Manchester 18th – 19th September 2016.


Beauty Selection Brussels 24th – 25th April 2016

24th – 25th April 2016 Beauty Selection Brussels. We will be exhibiting at theBeauty Selection Show 24th – 25th April 2016 at the Brussels Expo.


Bologna Cosmoprof 15th – 22nd March 2016

15th – 22nd March 2016 Cosmoprof Show Bologna. We will be exhibiting at the Cosmoprof worldwide show 15th – 22nd March 2016 in Bologna Italy.


Spring Fair 7th-11th February 2016

Spring Fair 7th-11th February Spring Fair. We will be exhibiting at the Spring Fair Show Fair 7th-11th February 2016 at the Birmingham NEC.