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Stargazer Halloween ‘Morticia Addams’ Make Up Look with Product Review

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Stargazer ‘Pink Stardust’ Bright, Colourful Make-up Tutorial

Stargazer Peacock Face Art Make Up Tutorial

Stargazer Semi Permanent ‘Peacock’ Hair Colours Tutorial

Stargazer Presents…Make Up Shoot featuring Semi Permanent Hair Colours – Long Hair

Stargazer Presents…Make Up Shoot featuring Semi Permanent Hair Colours – Short Hair

Stargazer Semi Permanent Hair Dye Tutorial – The Complete Guide

Stargazer Simple, Dramatic Make Up Tutorial

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Stargazer Semi Permanent Hair Dyes Tutorial for that ‘Festival Hair’ Look

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Stargazer Photo Shoot

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Tessarr Goad – Amazing Tropical Green Video 29/10/14

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StarGazer Tutorial 2: Bridal Look

StarGazer Tutorial 1: Foundation

Pixiwoo – How To Wear Red Eyeshadow (Palette) 11/09/12



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Cocktail&Dreams – Hot Pink Eyeshadow 16/05/12

Cocktail&Dreams – Eyeshadows 16/05/12

Cocktail&Dreams – Geisha Look 04/05/12 (Stargazer Eyeshadow)

SpittingGlitter – Neon Eyes Makeup Tutorial with Stargazer Eyeshadows 21/08/10

Angieflossx – Green and yellow neon stagazer eyeshadow tutorial