5 Stargazer products that every Makeup Artist needs

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Many of our followers are either well established or aspiring MUAs that like to have a variety of products in their makeup kits. At Stargazer we have everything you could possibly need including some things that you may not even know you need! We take a look at just a few of the products that would be a welcome addition to any professional makeup artist’s kit.

Camouflage Palette

Camouflage Palette

As a makeup artist you are going to need more than just one shade of foundation in your makeup kit. The Stargazer Camouflage Palette could be just what you are looking for. Consisting of 12 highly concentrated foundation colours, this professional makeup item is designed to suit all skin types. The palette allows you to create a natural looking finish, seamlessly blending to give complete coverage.

Make Up Brushes

Make up brushes

Every makeup artist needs good tools and makeup brushes are key for a good application. Our range of brushes can be purchased individually or as a set and, as your brushes will see a lot of action, we also recommend our brush wash.

Lipstick Palette

Lipstick palette

When you need a choice of colours what better way to carry them around than in a handy and compact lipstick palette? With 12 removable lipstick shades, the set also includes an applicator brush.

False Eye Lashes


From the subtle to the sublime our varied range of False Eye Lashes has something for everyone in a choice of colours. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear, each pack comes with application glue for further wear.


Glitter Shakers

Glitter tears, glitter brows, glitter cut creases………From nails to face and body there are so many uses for glitter that you can’t afford not to have glitter in your makeup kit. Our Stargazer Glitter Shakers are cosmetic grade and available in an extensive range of colours and shades. To apply the glitter we recommend our Fix Gel – easy to apply and easy to wash off.

Whilst the above list recommends a few of the essential items for your makeup kit we highly recommend having a browse through our website to see what else we have to offer.

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